Saturday, September 13, 2008

Need to Get Rid of "Stuff"?

When it's time to move, we all realize we've been hanging on to stuff we no longer need and now we suddenly want to get rid of it fast. This can at times be difficult to do.

Putting good smaller items on the curbside the day before trash pickup can be simple - seems there's always someone to pick up useful items for their den or garage. This is actually my favorite method of recycling! I love seeing an eager soul jump from their car to snatch a tricycle or lamp or small table, knowing that my castoff is still useful to someone.

For other items or when the weather is just too nasty for putting stuff outside, try these resources:

Friends in Deed at 734-484-7607 They were recently willing to take mattresses and bedding which is very hard to give away and not welcome out on the curb.
Purple Heart at 734-728-4560
Dawn Farms at 734-485-8725
Dr.Raymond Molano at 734-429-2737 who I've heard will take clothes (often hard to find someone to take)
Salvation Army at 734-668-8353 or 734-761-7750

In fact, if you are even thinking of moving, start that clearing out process now - it's less to do when the actual move comes up! Need any other help with your move? Do call me at 800-923-3245. I've lots of resources for all the moving issues!


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