Friday, September 07, 2007

Free Water Testing

Residents of Washtenaw, Monroe, and Lenawee Counties who rely on groundwater to supply their drinking water are offered free water testing and nitrate screenings through the Michigan Groundwater Stewardship Program. Although your groundwater may come from a deep well, actions above ground may still impact it.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends that well water used for drinking should be tested once a year for nitrates, nitrites, and bacteria. Your well can be contaminated by nitrates and phosphates from fertilizers, septic waste, fuels from storage tanks, and pesticides. Since many contaminants are colorless and odorless, they are not detectable except by testing.

For a free water quality risk assessment, call Aistis Tumas at the Washtenaw Conservation District 734-761-6721, ext.101. This assessment will evaluate your house and property for pollution and health risks relative to your water supply.